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1. Boeknummer: 7361  
NASA News 1975-01 t/m 1975-04
Algemeen -- ALGEM           (1975)   
Study ocean features from spacecraft, launch schedule 1975, solid fuel motor fired and restarted, television assisted landings, ERTS renamed LANDSAT, LANDAT-2 ready, Solar photovoltaic energy, SOYUZ-17, OSO-5, Pioneer-11 shows Jovian magnetic field, Zaire first African LANDSAT ground station, list of NASA projects, MARINER-10, Italian satellite launched by NASA, HELIOS closest to sun, Freon threat, First shuttle engine completed, LANDSAT-2, List SKYLAB photos, Bubble memory, Satellite tracked by another satellite, Proposals for Uranus mission

2. Boeknummer: 7362  
NASA News 1975 05 t/m 1975-08
Algemeen -- ALGEM           (1975)   
Satellite searching stars for signals, newly developed solar cells, U.S. will launch Indonesian satellite, Canada to build RMS for Space Shuttle, ION engine developed by NASA, 100th DELTA launch, ATS-6, Moon ancient piece of Earth? Solar energy briefings, VIKING Mars lander sterilization, NIMBUS-6 weather satellite, M-2 lifting body Space Shuttle, Large infrared telescope, VIKING launches, ECHO satellite 15 years ago, Satellite TV broadcast India (ISRO)

3. Boeknummer: 7363  
NASA News 1975-09 t/m 1975-12
Algemeen -- ALGEM           (1975)   
STELLAR Star tracker equipment, Life sciences experiments for Soviet satellites, LANDSAT ground station in Chile, First geosynchronous weather satellite launch, Satellite to aid arctic oil development, Skylark telescope, Shuttle central data subsystem, Ocean survey satellite, Proposals space station studies, PIONEER-6 10 years in space, PIONEER-11 on course for Saturn, Highlights of 1975 activities

4. Boeknummer: 7364  
NASA News 1975 Projects
Algemeen -- ALGEM           (1975)   
Apollo-Soyuz test project information for the press
75-6 26-01-1975 SMS-B
75-7 75-26 31-01-1975 Intelsat-4 note to editors
75-9 10-01-1975 Apollo-Soyuz test project USA-USSR fact sheet
75-18 22-01-1975 Apollo-Soyuz test project
75-34 06-02-1975 Cosmonauts in US for ASTP training
75-206 Solar cell material to be tested during Apollo-Soyuz
75-59 13-03-1975 Mariner-10 3rd Mercury encounter
75-118 Apollo-Soyuz testproject USA-USSR Press kit



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